1. March, 2024
WORTMANN Group increases sales to over 2.1 billion euros

The internationally positioned Wortmann Group, with shareholdings in over 30 companies, has once again successfully concluded the challenging financial year 2023, which, like the previous year, was characterized by high energy and transport costs, with record sales of 2.12 billion euros. This is an increase of EUR 30 million or around 1.5% compared to the previous year and once again the highest turnover in the Group's history.

Siegbert Wortmann, CEO of WORTMANN AG, is satisfied: "Over the past four years, we have generated an increase in sales of more than half a billion euros. This is a great achievement that should not be underestimated, considering the many imponderables that, in addition to the corona pandemic and the ongoing war in Ukraine, demand a lot from us. The WORTMANN Group was able to withstand this crisis and generate good sales figures thanks to its broadly diversified investments with a focus on the IT sector. This has made us robust as a group of companies and has paid off in this business year. For this reason, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all employees of the Wortmann Group." The WORTMANN Group now employs almost 2,100 people in Germany alone, with around 2,800 employees worldwide.

The family-run WORTMANN AG continues to account for the largest share of total sales with annual sales of over EUR 1 billion. BAB Distribution GmbH with around 180 million euros,

Kosatec with sales of around 550 million euros, MCD, which is specialized in solutions for the medical sector, with around 15 million euros, and WORTMANN Telecom with around 110 million euros contribute to the good annual results of the WORTMANN Group's IT companies. Roda, a military IT specialist, was particularly successful, doubling its annual sales from EUR 30 million to around EUR 60 million.

The annual volume for 2023 in the non-IT sector amounted to around 130 million euros. Associated companies such as WORTMANN Leasing and Factoring together generated sales of over 15 million euros. Westfalia Deutschland and USA, as providers of automated logistics systems, each generated sales of around EUR 50 million in this financial year.

TERRA Fitness, TERRA Sports, W&K Gehäusebau, TERRA Gebäudetechnik GmbH and the construction company S+W Bau also contributed their share.

Siegbert Wortmann, company founder and CEO of WORTMANN AG, remains positive about the future in both the IT and non-IT business areas of the WORTMANN Group: "The macroeconomic challenges of 2023 were again not easy and our success cannot be taken for granted. Due to the global geopolitical situation, 2024 seems to demand no less from all of us in order to achieve our goals."