3. August, 2020

Siegbert Wortmann and Stefan Bollmann founded the company "WORTMANN TELECOM GmbH" in 2015 as an independent division within the Wortmann Group, which was supposed to supplement the Wortmann AG product portfolio with the area of telecommunications.

In the meantime, WORTMANN TELECOM employs almost 30 people, has operated its own subsidiary in Denmark for the last two years, and has a cumulative turnover of over 150 million euros. In addition to the smartphone, customers at WORTMANN TELECOM receive e.g. also a wide range of portable audio products and can now access almost 1000 different products and additional services such as MDM and mobile security.

A heartfelt thank you goes to all our customers and business partners as well as to all employees for the trust placed in us and the good cooperation.